The Importance of Hiring Experienced Epoxy Flooring Contractors

There are a myriad of reasons to consider an epoxy floor coating for your industrial or commercial facility—including superior durability, ease of sanitation, and pleasing aesthetics. While epoxy’s long life makes it a cost-effective flooring solution, it does include some initial upfront cost.

As it turns out, applying an epoxy floor coating is not an easy process as it may initially seem, and a seemingly simple mistake could undermine your entire investment.  

Here’s why it pays to hire an experienced epoxy flooring contractor:

Prevent costly errors

Epoxy flooring requires very careful surface preparation, and if it’s not done correctly, the coating may fail. For example, if the epoxy is applied on a floor that’s not cleaned properly or not at the right temperature, it can form unsightly bubbles or other deficiencies. Worse, the entire coating could fail to bond to the floor, compromising its strength and protection—meaning your floor is not much better off than before!

Better aesthetic results

Some types of epoxy require more than just the ability to spread a coat evenly. Not only do you want to avoid blisters or bubbles (see the point above), you also want someone who knows the medium well and knows how to apply straight lines and graphics that don’t bleed or smudge.

If you’re doing a special visual effect that takes artistic skill—such as applying a ripple, marble, or metallic design—you’ll want someone who can prove they’ve successfully done this many times before!

Reliable estimates and completion dates. 

As a business owner, you understand the high cost of downtime. The last thing you want is to expect a renovation project to be short and sweet, only for it to drag on for several extra days and incur one unexpected expense after another!

When you hire an experienced epoxy flooring contractor, you’re working with someone who has a realistic—instead of overly optimistic—view of how much time and labor the project is going to take. They’ll be able to spot potential complications ahead of time and work that into their estimate, instead of being surprised by them midway through.

So when comparing job estimates from different contractors, don’t go for the one who offers the lowest price. Instead, choose the one who considers all the details and errs on the side of caution—because the chances are they’ll be able to honor their word in the end.

Experienced epoxy flooring contractors understand exactly how to prepare flooring surfaces for the application of epoxy materials. Professional surface prep methods like diamond grinding performed by professional epoxy flooring contractors can provide a deeper level of preparation which extends service life.

Over the counter products are usually not as strong as the ones used in industrial applications. You can purchase an over the counter epoxy kit and do your own floors. They will look good and will last for a good while, but the industrial products and professional applications will be more durable and will last much longer.

Just like we sweat in hot and humid weather, concrete floors tend to “sweat” under humid and high temperature conditions. This leads to bad bonding of the epoxy over floors. Therefore, the manufacturer’s environmental requirements need to be strictly followed.

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