Kitchen Remodeling for Senior Citizens

You might be retired before you can afford to build your dream kitchen, and if that’s the case, you’ll want to prepare for the coming years. Senior citizens have special needs, and catering to these needs can help you create a functional kitchen that is used more often. Let’s talk about some ways to remodel your kitchen remodeling if you want to optimize it for your twilight years.


Move items off of the floor:

You might not be as flexible as you once were, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your kitchen. To keep things easier on your back and knees, though, move your most-used items off of the ground so you don’t have to bend as much. Here are some tips for moving stuff to your waist or eye level:


  • Build your oven into the wall. Instead of an oven on the ground, raise it so that you can bake without bending. You can still have burners on a cooktop – just build them into your counter.
  • Choose flooring that can be easily cleaned. You can’t exactly move your floor off of the floor! What you can do, though, is choose tiling or other floor materials that are easy to mop up without a ton of bending or scrubbing while on your knees.
  • Choose lower cabinets with shelves on rollers. If you have to bend, you can at least prevent having to reach into deep cabinets or get on your hands and knees to find the items you need. Roll-out shelves are easy to install and look great.


Plan a Kitchen Layout That Makes Sense:

The layout of your kitchen should be optimized for your lifestyle. Keep in mind that although making your kitchen as safe as possible might not seem like a big deal now, it could be super important for your health in the future. Use these tips to play to your kitchen’s layout:


  • Don’t use steps. Even if you live in a ranch home, you still have one or two steps when moving from room to room. If possible, plan your kitchen remodeling o that you don’t have any steps at all – and therefore no tripping hazards.
  • Think about your future mobility. Ten or twenty years from now, you might need a wheelchair or walker to help you get around. Is your kitchen layout optimized for this while still having enough room to cook? If you’re going to use islands or furniture, make sure that there is enough space to move.
  • Keep your kitchen as close to your dining area as possible. It might be difficult to carry heavier dishes as you get older, so having your dining table just a few steps away is key. If possible, create a pass-through or consider a cart to help you move plates and other items.
  • Floor Safety is Important:
  • Every year, thousands of senior citizens break their knees and hips because they fall. As you age, your feet might not be as sure as they once were. Here are some tips you should use when choosing a material for your floor in order to stay safe:
  • Look for a floor with texture. tiles that are slick and slippery when you’re wearing just socks. They can also be dangerous with canes and walkers. Textured tiles have a non-slip grip meant to protect you from falls.
  • Avoid rugs. When planning with your decorator, keep rugs out of the kitchen. It is too easy for your foot or a cane to catch on the edge, and unless you use a non-slip backing, rugs actually increase the likelihood that you’ll fall.

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