How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pergola?

It’s important to understand the distinction between a pergola, an arbor, and a trellis because the terms are often used interchangeably and the difference reflects not only in the structure, but also in its price tag.

The most substantial of the three freestanding structures for your yard, and if you’re handy with a hammer, you may save a lot of money by constructing it yourself. A beautiful cedar pergola with easy do-it-yourself instructions may be purchased from big-box stores. If you want a professionally built pergola constructed of high-quality materials such as tigerwood, however, it will be easy to find.

When you think about pergolas, wood is probably the first material that comes to mind. And for good reason! Wood has been used in pergola construction for centuries, and it remains one of the most popular materials today. Cedar is the most common type of wood used in pergolas because of its beautiful color and natural resistance to rot and insect infestation.

When deciding what material to use for your pergola, start by thinking about what type of aesthetic you want. Your chosen design will help you narrow down which material is best suited for your needs. This guide will help you choose the best pergola material based on cost as well as appearance.


Cedar is a long-lasting and robust material for constructing pergolas. It stains well, but yearly sanding and staining are required. Wood pergolas’ rafters and stringers may be carved into intricate patterns at the ends to provide a unique appearance that complements your desired aesthetic.


Pressure-treated pine is among the most popular materials for woodworking, and a pergola made of this type of wood will be more affordable than one crafted from cedar. Pine is slower to rot and repels insects better than other woods, but it’s a soft material, so it tends to split, crack, and dent over time. To make sure your pine pergola lasts as long as possible, sanding and staining it regularly are key.


With a higher initial investment, teak, ipe, or tigerwood will cost more upfront to build your pergola. But this premium material can last you up to four times as long as pine before needing to be replaced.


A boxy, modern pergola may be built of aluminum. It takes less care than wood and can be painted to blend in with any décor. An aluminum pergola is allegedly less expensive than a wooden one, according to Fix.


Fiberglass pergolas are one of today’s most popular structures. The lightweight material allows for more coverage while still providing support beams. This material is ideal for adding handy amenities such as lights, fans, and even heating elements. Fiberglass pergolas are typically more expensive than other types of pergolas.

Retractable Roof Cost

If you already have a pergola, you may add a motorized retractable roof to it so that you may cover or uncover it at the press of a button. It’s a really handy feature when you’re trying to unwind in your outdoor area.

Most retractable pergola roofs we found are made of cloth material. Here’s what you can expect to pay if you want to add a retractable roof to your pergola.


A louvered roof, made of a series of horizontal slats that can be adjusted to an angle, blocks out rain and sun. Louvers are usually metal and add sophistication to your outdoor space.

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